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  Suit & Tie Guy Kung Fu Fighting only exists because VH1 told me so B4 Demo 3.4
  Suit & Tie Guy AO-27 Trance City Battersea Blues 8.0
  Suit & Tie Guy For your own good Covers 7.6
  Suit & Tie Guy Sorry dude you're just not "all in" Kevin's Game 1.4
  Suit & Tie Guy Fixed Gear Bike KSS Genre of the Week 6.1
  Suit & Tie Guy Hank Venture's Umbrella Ride Mankato Filter Demo 4.9
  Suit & Tie Guy Operation: Mankato! On the Jazz with the STG Team - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 6.6
  Suit & Tie Guy Band Root Down (and get it) rough mix 12.7
  Suit & Tie Guy Band Unit 7 rough mix 8.3
  Suit & Tie Guy Rubycon - Geodesy 2008 Live Acid Mix Ryan's Super Fabulous Birthday Party 17.9
  Suit & Tie Guy Return Of The Curse Of Senrick Sea Devils Demo 7.0
  Suit & Tie Guy P-Town Ghetto Booty (Girl Afraid single edit) Squib Cake: a tribute to Jenni Black's ass 8.6
  Suit & Tie Guy Pogo Mogo twiddling St Patrick's Day 2005 5.9
  Suit & Tie Guy Chillicothe Thug Life (feat. Donald Crunk) STG Soundlabs Demos 5.7
  Suit & Tie Guy Sequencer Summing Demo STG Soundlabs Demos 3.7
  Suit & Tie Guy Band Easy Money The Real Fucking Organ & Drums Duo 8.0
  Suit & Tie Guy Band D.I.G. on these blues (organ and drums only) 11.0
Total Length: 1:45:36 - Total Size: 127.9 MB