Song List (10)

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  STG vs Alexis Rogers Visiting Mr Greene Cornstock Hole 19.1
  Suit & Tie Guy vs .e Maggot Brain Highly Productive 11.5
  STG vs Citizen Fey Incident 1 I wish I knew who the one person in europe was who bought this on 16.4
  Suit & Tie Guy vs Distortech Happy 303 Day NOW That's What I Call Trance! Volume VI 8.6
  Suit & Tie Guy vs Distortech Motherfucker fuck ... okay Psychorobbie is a pussy 2.4
  Suit & Tie Guy vs Distortech Send me into bliss Psychorobbie is a pussy 5.6
  Suit & Tie Guy vs Victorola Ramos Delia The Chillicothe Sound 7.4
  Suit & Tie Guy vs Ramos What No Drums The Chillicothe Sound v 1 6.7
  Ryan Sullivan vs Suit & Tie Guy Put on your favourite sweater They are like a union 6.7
  Suit & Tie Guy vs Distortech Gold Lamé Suit You're So Nice, It's Raining Death 4.7
Total Length: 1:19:03 - Total Size: 89.4 MB